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For many authors, the idea of editing their books seems like a chore. The excitement and enthusiasm they feel while creating their stories diminishes when faced with trying to polish their writing. Or after spending time trying to find all their grammar and spelling errors, they publish their books only to find those mistakes later on, while rereading or through readers.

When your enjoyment comes through writing, spending hours combing through that writing and looking for ways to improve it can be tedious and disheartening. Likewise, opening up a published book and finding spelling and grammar errors or sentences that just don’t sound quite right can shake an author’s confidence.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it all on your own. By working with a copy editor, the stress and tedium of finding and fixing grammatical and spelling errors, as well as polishing your writing style to make sentences flow without losing your voice, can become a thing of the past.

Here's How to Get Started

After reading countless self-published books and seeing many common grammar errors within them, I set out to put my grammar and spelling expertise to use. I have now helped authors improve more than 35 self-published books through my copyediting services, and I would love to help you with yours as well.

Ready to See Your Better Book?

Imagine opening up your book to make edits and quickly clicking through suggested edits. Imagine having each change ready for you to review, along with explanations for why changes should be made so you are empowered to choose how to update your book. Imagine the feeling of getting through your edits in record time, knowing your book is that much better than it was before.

Now imagine reading through your edited book and still hearing your voice shine through. You were supported every step of the way, with a copy editor available to talk to throughout the process. Imagine your excitement as you publish your book, feeling confident that it’s ready for the world to enjoy. With the addition of copyediting to your writing process, all that is within reach.


Know exactly what changes to make to your writing and why you should make them


Get excited, knowing that you can make small changes that have a big impact on your writing


Feel empowered to share your book with the world, knowing that your engaging story has been polished

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Are you ready to see your book’s potential? Are you excited to outsource the part of the writing process that you currently dread? Are you curious about how much of a difference seemingly small grammar changes can make in your writing while still sounding like you?

If you’re ready to improve your writing and feel more confident publishing your book, I invite you to click below and take the first step.

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